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Bruce Baguley
Bruce Baguley
Bruce Baguley trained as a pure mathematician. He received his BA in Mathematics from Tulane University, went to MIT for one year, but was drafted in 1969. After serving in the Navy in Viet Nam, he returned to MIT where he received his MS in Mathematics. Bruce worked in and opened a greenhouse specializing in exotic plants, but the call of math proved too strong. He taught math at a community college, went back to school at Heritage College to obtain a teaching certificate, and taught math enrichment in the Wenatchee School District. Bruce obtained two patents for math teaching devices, founded Cascade Math Systems, LLC and has done nearly 40 workshops at regional, national, and international math conferences on using manipulatives and visual representations to show the basis of math concepts. In the last few years, Bruce has worked with Lou Schultz, PhD to develop “Visualizing Math”, a program to teach pre-service teachers the concepts behind the math they will be teaching their students.
Dr. Lou Schultz
Lou Schultz, Ph.D.
Dr. Lou Schultz, received a B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Oklahoma State University when he decided to spend one year pursuing a childhood dream of teaching. Forty-two years later he retired from the Mathematics Department of Southeastern Louisiana University. During his 42-year tenure as an educator, he earned a B.S. in Math Education and a M. Ed. in Special Education from Southeastern Louisiana University. Later on, he received an Ed. Sp. in Curriculum and Instruction as well as a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Louisiana State University. His career included teaching math and science in grades 7-12, principal, director of special education K-12, and Chief System Administrator. He has been a consultant for over 100 school districts in three states and coordinator and instructor for numerous professional development projects. His career includes participation on numerous curriculum committees at the district, university, and state levels.